Exhibitions /Projects —
      ⥰Diogenes’ Chameleon
      ⥰T. STAR II & Been Down So Long
      ⥰ To Sleep Through A Revolution

      ⥰ YM31
      ⥰ Lemon in the Night
      ⥰ No Vacancy
      ⥰ Slow Patsy
      ⥰ What Kills Me Makes You Stronger
      ⥰ Sweetheart, the Rent is Due
      ⥰ Shades
      ⥰ Carpe Dumb
      ⥰ Strangers to Ourselves

Everything Else  —
      ⥰ Text
      ⥰ Other Works

Bio  —

Austin Swearengin is a sculptor currently living and working in Austin, Texas. He was born in October of 1987 in Kansas City, Missouri, where he lived until his 21st year. After spending 8 years living in Minneapolis, where he recieved a BFA in sculpture in 2013, he lived in Queens, New York for 3 years running a fabrication company and thinking about money way too much. When not making art, he enjoys gardening, running, bodies of water, listening to and making music, studying local trees and birds, and learning new skills. His newest venture is learning to sew, and hopes to make clothes for himself.

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